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The Best Free WordPress Hosting

Looking for the perfect free web host for your personal website? Then go no further, as this article will recommend the top free web hosting companies out there, which is all you will ultimately need.

When you are on the hunt for a reliable free host for your own site, the problem lies not in the fact that they are hard to come by, but that you have nearly an endless list of hosts – which makes it a mind-boggling task to filter out the weeds and find the quality ones. And that’s where this article comes in.

This will show you the top web hosts, hand-picked by yours truly, which offer the best in terms of reliability and after-sales (read: after registration) service.

Without further ado, I reveal to you the best of the best:

1 – (1500MB Space, 100GB Bandwidth)

At number one, stands 000webhost, a company which has been in business since 2007. Their service is top-notch, and is actually one to genuinely offer 99{9ed67f6d774dce530f0aa04b68d9efe9e4b1291ab8a3de9004114afd31b35448} uptime (not marketing hype). Although they don’t offer cPanel, which is a very advanced administration panel for webmasters, their custom panel can do almost everything you would need to do.

Their support system, unfortunately, is not as good as some of you would like, but hey, it is a free host, remember? Having said that, if you know what you’re doing, then you should not need to use the support system at all.

Additionally, they offer nifty features like Fantastico 1-Click Installer, almost unrestricted PHP use (e.g. mail function is enabled), and a website builder for those who don’t want to bear the hassles of coding HTML/PHP themselves. Their servers are also quite fast for the most common scripts.

Pros: Fast; stable; reliable; hosting since 2007

Cons: Support is slower than the competition

2 – (Unmetered Space, Unmetered Bandwidth)

At a respectable second position, stands X10hosting, a relatively new company offering free hosting for the masses. The free package is exceptionally close to a paid hosting plan when it comes to the features on offer.

Their unmetered bandwidth, disk space, as well as cPanel with all the goodies such as add-on domains, parked domains linode coupon, MX entries, etc. is a no-brainer, as those are features normally reserved for paid hosts. So it’s a big win in the features and perks department. The support system is also decent, even more so than 000webhost’s.

However, as always, there’s no such thing as a perfect free host. The main issue in this otherwise perfect host is that their free hosting servers suffer from frequent downtimes, crashes and what not. Therefore, if you are looking for top-notch reliability that your site will be online 24/7, you are probably going to have to look for another host.

Pros: Stunning feature-set; support is decent

Cons: Uptime is not as high compared to other hosts

3- (Post to Host, Package Dependent Feature-set)

Honestly, I would have placed this host at the top of the pack were it not for the fact that it is relatively new to the free hosting business. Their Post to Host (P2H) system requires users to meet a certain post quota at their forums each month to be able to enjoy the benefits of their respective packages. For example, a certain package is listed as such (where letters are representations of typical values):

Disk Space : A MB
Bandwidth : B MB
Cron Jobs : Yes/No (depends on the package)
Addon Domains : Y
Parked Domains : Y
Other cPanel Features : Unlimited

X forum posts per month + X posts before ordering

Their servers are very fast, and the support system is better than most free hosts. Also, you have a chance of getting a reseller account for meeting a special post quota. Therefore, this host is definitely recommended for people who are very dedicated to their sites and do not mind posting at forums.

Pros: Fast; stable; reliable; great support; amazing feature-set

Cons: Monthly posting required; new to hosting

There you have it, the best FREE WordPress Hosting out of the entire internet. If you liked this article, then please click the “Like” button below to show your support. Also, feel free to comment and offer constructive criticism.

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