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It’s Time to Own a Photo Printer

buy photo printerWhy you should consider purchasing a photo printer.

Up until now, you’ve gotten along with just your digital camera. You were also content with just blissfully viewing your photos on your computer or digital picture frame.

Then one Christmas day it happened, grandma who was visiting wanted a hard copy picture for her photo album.

Unfortunately for you, there was no way of accommodating grandma because you didn’t own a photo printer.

Unfortunately for grandma, she didn’t have a computer or an Internet connection, so emailing that photo is out of the question.

The only alternative was to send grandma home empty handed and ticked at you because she didn’t get her photo.

Aside from keeping grandma happy, there are other good reasons to own a photo printer. One of the main reasons is convenience.

Instead of sending your photos off to a online photo printing service or taking them to the corner drug store, you can print them out at your leisure with a photo printer.

This can be a real time saver as you no longer have to wait days to get your photos printed. More importantly, you no longer have to worry about your photos being copied, lost or stolen when you print them yourself.

With a photo printer you can control the quality of your photos. When you send your photos off to be printed, you may not get the results that you wanted.

By using a photo printer and the appropriate image editing software, you can tweak photos to your liking.

Things like cropping, red eye reduction, color tone control and more can be achieved through image editing software.

In many cases, photo printers themselves have facilities built into them which allow editing of photos without a computer. Photo printers also allow you to be creative.

Anything from personalized Christmas cards to birthday cards can be created on a photo printer, for instance.

A photo printer can also maintain your privacy and keep you out of trouble. In this era of political correctness, those seemingly innocent first year baby pictures of yours could land you in a world of difficulty.

That is of course, if the operator of the photo lab you sent your pictures to deems that they have crossed the obscenity line. Instead of getting your photos back, you could wind up in family court and your children could wind up with child protective services.

Which is exactly what happened to Anthony and Lisa Demaree when a Walmart photo lab operator determined that some photos of their kids were obscene.

Whether you are a casual snapper or a budding professional photographer, there is a photo printer to meet your needs.

So do yourself a favor and add a photo printer to your digital photographic arsenal.

If anything, once you have a photo printer, you’ll no longer have to endure the Siberian chill from a angry grandmother who didn’t get her pictures.

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