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Using Technology To Win At FBA

amazon fbaTechnology is all around us, our smart phones, computers, even in our cars and kitchens.

It’s everywhere and it’s changing the way the world works.

And one of the best ways I see technology changing things for the better is through the use of business tools and platforms that help the “little guy” compete with huge companies that only years ago could never be taken on toe to toe without a huge budget.

But like I said, things are changing, and fast.

With all of the tools, software and platforms out there for new businesses and individuals to use in order to compete, it’s no wonder there are a lot of people making some serious money and all while doing everything themselves.

And often times with a very small budget or no budget at all. For example, one of the small companies I work for uses in order to keep track of employee hours. Using the system cost little, but helps the company tremendously.

But of course all of these new startups wouldn’t be possible without the advent of all of the new technology out there today.

And right now I want to talk a little about FBA technology.

If you don’t know anything about FBA, it’s an acronym for Fullfilment By Amazon.

Meaning, if you want to sell pysical products on Amazon, you can and pretty easily.

All you do is ship your products to Amazon, create a page on Amazon describing your product and a price, and Amazon does everything else for you.

Of course it’s a little more technical than that. But that’s basically what FBA is.

And since its start, hundreds of thousands of people have started their own FBA businesses. It’s actually a hot market right now.

The problem is, will all the new entrepreneurs looking to create their own startups, competition is getting brutal.

Here’s a good video that goes into detail about the platform if you want to know more about BlackBird.



And that’s where a few different platforms have been created in order to help people either starting their own FBA business, or those already in the game but are looking to improve their sales and profits come in.

One that stood out to me is called BlackBird and was created by a guy named Aidan Booth Blackbird.

Apparently he created the tool in order for him to improve his own business which, according to his sales page for the platform, grosses over $500k per month!

Yes, that’s per month!

Not bad. And like most startups, he did it practically with no money.

His “niche”? Drones, yup…those little flying helicopters that you can take aerial photos with and all that. Particularly he does drones under $500. And he obviously sells a lot of them. But you can make money with all sorts of different products using FBA.

Now the reason I like this particular software and scripts is because it was created by someone actually doing the job each day.

And since he’s making so much money, I can only assume that the tools he’s offering really can help you achive the same results.

But I gues the only way to really tell is to take a look yourself.

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